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How Can Peter LoCascio of Trade Show Consultants Help You bridge the Gap?

Peter LoCascio has been helping companies successfully market and sell products for over 40 years. These companies comprise a mix of Fortune 500 firms and venture-backed start-ups in such diverse markets as:
Bridging the Gap Between Trade Shows and Sales

Bridging the gap between trade shows and sales means making your company's trade show experience a sales producing event. 

Q. Do you see a spike in your sales or costs from a trade show? 

Q. How many qualified leads or actual sales do you typically realize from a trade show? 

Q. Are your sales leads worth the cost and frustration associated with a trade show? 

Peter LoCascio has expertise to provide innovative and unique ideas which can achieve your trade show sales goals.
Understanding the Potential of a Trade Show

Q. If your next trade show exhibit will have 5000 people pass by, how will you separate the 10% or 500 who would become qualified prospects? 

Q. How will you convert those prospects into sales or hot prospects? 

Q. Do you realize it could take as much as $200,000 and six months to reach those same 500 qualified prospects through the normal field sales process? 

If executed correctly a trade show exhibit will deliver those 500 prospects in 3 days, making it a super sales call. 
What is a Successful Trade Show?

A successful trade show is being able to attract qualified prospects and put them through a sales process that is effective in a trade show environment.To get an example of the mechanics of a successful trade show consider the example below.
The Potential:
  1. On average it takes 4-6 field sales calls by an individual to close a deal.

  2. These single sales calls cost an average of about $400.

  3. If your particular trade show expects 5,000 attendees, of which 10% or 500 are prospects, it would cost your company approximately $200,000 and might take up to six months to make this number of sales.

  4. Performed correctly this trade show will deliver 500 prospects in 3 days, making this a “super sales call.”
- Source: McGraw Hill

The Mechanics:
  1. Each sales person on booth duty should be able to make 1 good sales presentation every 10 minutes or 6 per hour x 8 hours per day = 48 presentations per salesperson.

  2. With a show totaling 3 days that salesperson will complete 144 presentations.

  3. A 3 day show runs 8 hours per day = 24 hours of sales time.

  4. To meet and present 500 prospects, you need at least 4 sales people on duty at all times.

  5. Each salesperson needs his/her own product presentation station of at least 4’.

  6. At this show, you will need at least a 10 x 30 booth space to accommodate 4 sales stations leaving additional space for sales leads processing, customer service and storage.
As demonstrated above a properly designed and executed trade show can produce positive results. However, knowing this doesn't lessen the frustrations that you feel trying to coordinate trade show logistics, while running a sales department, working to meet sales expectations, and of course finding those new hot prospects.

How can Peter LoCascio of Trade Show Consultants help you bridge the gap?
Peter LoCascio has spent the last 40 years in the trade show industry and has developed the experience and expertise to help your company execute the highly successful trade shows and turn them in to super sales events.

Peter LoCascio's innovative ideas and approaches are unique in the industry. To understand what Peter can do for you, contact him today and you will begin to understand how he can truly Bridge the Gap Between Trade Shows and Sales for your company.

Peter LoCascio has expertise and experience to turn your trade show efforts into a Sales producing event.
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"Peter executed the right sales strategy for the size of the company at that time, and we were rewarded with fast growth. In addition to Peter's marketing and sales leadership, his attitude was great; there were no problems for Peter, only opportunities to make happy customers." 
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